Commitment to a Global Community

Global Playground’s Teaching Fellows spend a year teaching at one of Global Playground’s project sites.  They work to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue using local curriculum and develop the Global Playground community by connecting students to one another at our different sites.  Since the Fellow Program began in July 2010, Teaching Fellows have developed innovative curriculum that is used in classrooms across the world.  You can learn more about these initiatives here.

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Kendall Lorenzen

Ms. Lorenzen is a 2015 graduate of the College of William & Mary with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in public health. As an undergraduate, Kendall spent many years serving in William & Mary’s Student Assembly, Residence Life, and in the Williamsburg, Virginia community in several capacities. In the summer of 2014, Ms. Lorenzen was an Office of Leadership and Community Engagement Fellow for William & Mary and a service year intern for the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC). Ms. Lorenzen has also served as a counselor for a leadership development camp for high school youth (2014, 2015) and Teaching Assistant for the William & Mary D.C. Summer Institute.  In August 2016, the Board of Directors of Global Playground elected to promote Ms. Lorenzen to Deputy Executive Director.

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Scott Gemmell-Davis

Mr. Gemmell-Davis is a senior at the College of William & Mary studying Marketing.  Prior to serving as Global Playground’s first ever Vietnam Fellow, Mr. Gemmell-Davis studied education and taught English in Sevilla, Spain.  At the College, he spends his time mentoring and tutoring local youth through local churches. Mr. Gemmell-Davis is also a founding member of Greater City, a campus organization that seeks to build relationships between students and individuals living through homelessness in the Williamsburg area.   He has spent several summers working as a camp counselor at Summer’s Best Two Weeks, a Christian sports camp in Pennsylvania.