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Scott Gemmell-Davis

Scott Gemmell-Davis serves as a Fellow at the Pa Nho school in the Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province of Vietnam.  Scott is a student at the College of William & Mary, and is taking a gap year in order to take on this Fellowship. Scott serves as Global Playground’s first Fellow in Vietnam.

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Amanda Cordray

Amanda serves as Global Playground’s 2015-16 Thailand Fellow. Amanda lives and teaches at a high school in Mae La Noi, Thailand, in the Northern province of Mae Hong Son.  Her responsibilities include teaching English, building Global Playground’s relationship with the school community, and connecting students at the school with children at Global Playground’s other project sites around the world.

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Kendall Lorenzen

Kendall helps manage Global Playground (partnerships, volunteers, social media, donor engagement, fellows, recruitment, etc.) while volunteering at each of Global Playground’s school sites in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uganda, and Honduras.

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Become a Fellow

Interested in joining the Global Playground team? Teaching Fellow recruitment begins in September 2016. Email Deputy Executive Director Kendall at to find out more.